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Wakefield Angling Club host a wide array of friendly and competitive matches for members of the club to enjoy. The match calendar can be found in your membership book.

Our match programmes play a key part in keeping the club close together and are open to all members of all abilities to partake in. Members who are interested in joining a specific match programme with similar members may find a desirable sub match group below:

Match results can be sent to: to be updated onto the website.

Club Matches:

Open to all members of the club this match league runs throughout the entire year with many types of venues playing host to the matches offering a diverse league. Please click here for more information.

Junior Matches:

Open for the younger members of ages up to 17 this friendly group of young anglers compete in a summer league on some of the popular club venues throughout the summer evenings. Designed to teach, enhance and develop angling skills this group is ideal for young anglers getting into fishing. Please click here for more information.